North Penn Mosque, Lansdale, PA serves one of the largest Muslim communities in Greater Philadelphia. Services include all prayers including Jumu’ah (Friday), Eid, and Taraweeh prayers. The pre-khutba lecture (English) begins at 12:50 pm, and the khutba (Arabic) begins at 1:20pm for Friday prayers. Updated prayer times can be found at: North Penn Mosque

North Penn Mosque also provides children’s Islamic education, youth programs and activities, community education programs, civic engagement opportunities, and charity distribution. Please like this page for updates on such activities, or email for specific inquiries.

Janazah/funeral services are also arranged in the community.

North Penn Mosque conduct all religious functions strictly according to the theology and regulations of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamah. However, we welcome those from other denominations and faith groups to our Mosque.